Email Solutions

There are a few options when it comes to finding the best email hosting.

And it all depends on you and your needs


The best email hosting solution if you want a great Aussie email service. Mailriver provides a secure email address when you don’t have (or don’t want) your own domain.

Mailriver - best email hosting

You choose your email address (provided it is available), following this format: All our Mailriver email addresses have spam filtering, and are completely secure. This email service operates on Australian email servers. Our help desk support operates from our office in Melbourne.


Good Egg

Good Egg IT provides the best email hosting

Good Egg email service – is the best email hosting option when using your own domain, and it’s a proudly Australian solution. If you don’t have a domain – that is no problem as we can help you with that. Using your own domain makes your email address truly portable. You can move your hosting to any email hosting provider (though we hope you’ll stick with us!). By owning the domain – you own the email address. Our servers provide an email mailbox (address) and we deliver your email.

Usual formats of email addresses on this platform are: Email is then managed on our Good Egg server, it is spam filtered and secure. Email flows through our Australian servers. Our help desk operates from our office in Melbourne.

microsoftMicrosoft Office 365

Supported O365 email service – for when you need email using your domain (or would like to set up your own domain) but would like to use Office 365. We can assist you setting up and configuring your O365 tenant, and help manage problems when things go wrong. O365 is a Microsoft platform – and their servers are all over the world. Whilst you can call us in Melbourne to assist you with O365 problems, we may have to liaise with Microsoft – and those help desks are located all over the world.

Best email hosting

So what’s the best email hosting? The best one is the one that satisfies your needs and takes into account what is important to you. To find out the best email hosting solution for you, really needs a conversation. Please call us at our office in Chirnside Park (8592 8327), for help finding the best email solution for you. Or drop in and see us at 9 Meadowgate Drive, Chirnside Park.